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Hello Peeps!!!


Wishing you all the happiness on your little bundle of joy, now it's the time you plan to preserve this little joy for the lifetime. What better than photographs can do this to you, and we love to help you create these amazing memories.


Maternity photography studio packages & pricing

₹ 9,999/-
  • The setup includes two maternity dress
  • 25 low res photos (unprocessed, with multiple watermarks for selection purposes only)
  • 10 digital photos in high resolution
  • optional add-ons: 2 photograph family & sibling ( one can be with parents & other will be with sibling)
  • soft copies only, prints not included in the package
Gold Plan
₹ 14,999/-
  • The setup includes three maternity dress
  • 35 low res photos (unprocessed, with multiple watermarks for selection purposes only)
  • 15 digital photos in high resolution
  • optional add-ons: 5 photograph family & sibling 
  • soft copies only,  prints not included in the package
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one dress classic maternity setups at our studio in natural light against the backlit white backdrop

two glamour setups at the studio – fashion style, glamour maternity portraits

option to use our international wardrobe for ₹780 eac


  • When is the best time to get a maternity photo session done?
    The earliest you should get a maternity photo session done is after 32 weeks of pregnancy or anytime after the eighth month starts. However, the best time is around 34-36 weeks. For a twin pregnancy, 30 weeks is ideal.
  • Where would the session take place?
    All the sessions take place at my luxurious and comfortable natural light studio at Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. Outdoor sessions take place at a short distance from our studio.
  • What is the difference between CLASSIC, GLAMOUR & OUTDOOR Maternity Setups?
    CLASSIC Maternity Setup is a one outfit studio setup using the natural window light and a backlit white backdrop. It's my most popular setup and is the one that I have been doing since 2015. I try to create chic and dreamy portraits for you with this setup. I encourage adding your spouse to this setup. Children can also be added as a paid add-on. I now offer two optional add-ons for a classic maternity setup: 1. lying down or standing floral add-on for an additional 74995 per setup. 2. painted, printed or textured coloured backdrop for an additional ‹4995 per setup. GLAMOUR Maternity Setup is also a one outfit studio setup. I use studio lighting to create glamorous, magazine-style portraits. This is the latest addition to my maternity portrait styles. I don't recommend adding children to this setup. OUTDOOR Maternity Setup, as the name suggests, is an outdoor session conducted near our studio. This also is a one-outfit package. I started outdoor maternity shoots in 2018 and they are best conducted only from October to February. Please checkout the portfolios for all of these as below:
  • Can I include my husband?
    Yes, you are welcome to include your husband at no extra charge. Having said that, you can choose your Maternity Session to be just about you.
  • Can l include my child?
    Yes, that's a great idea, you are welcome to include your children. There is an additional charge of rs. 4995 per setup for adding one child. If you have booked multiple setups, I suggest that you add your child to only one setup.
  • How many dress changes are included in each package/setup?
    Each package includes photography in one outfit only. To include multiple outfits, you will have to include multiple packages. You can use outfits from our collection for {1995 each.
  • What should I wear for the session?
    We welcome you to use a dress (or dresses - depending on your package) from our wardrobe for *1995 each. Almost all the outfits that are seen on this page are from our collection. You can also brina vour own outfit as well However the number of outfits in a session are counted regardless of you using your own outfit or usina from our collection
  • What should my husband and our children wear for the session?
    We will give you a very detailed and personal advice about the styling of your husband and your children. It will be based keeping in mind the type of outfits that you are planning to wear and their style
  • What about my hair & makeup?
    We recommend that you to come ready for your session. Hair and makeup is NOT included in the package price. Every person's hair and makeup style is very different. We will give you a very detailed and personal advice, to keep things comfortable, simple and stress-free for you.
  • Can I bring my makeup and hair artist?
    We don't allow makeup and hair artists at our studio. Please speak with us for advice about your hair and makeup, few days before your session. Also, using a makeup and hair artist is not compulsory and sometimes it's best to keep things simple & comfortable.
  • What time should we arrive? How long will the session last?
    The session length will depend on the package. Each look or dress change should last about 30-35 minutes. You can also add 15-20 minutes between the each dress change for allowing time to get ready and resting. Please note that it's important that you arrive on time for your appointment so that I can keep my other appointments. If you are late, your session may be postponed to the next available slot. If you are too late, your session can also be cancelled and deposit may be forfeited at our discretion.
  • How early should I book my session?
    You should book your session as early as possible. I book up to 2 months in advance. Last minute availability should be checked with us by calling us on 9871119829.
  • What is the pre-session phone consultation and how does it happen?
    After booking and paying for your session, a pre-session phone consultation is scheduled 5-7 days before the session so that all the discussions and ideas are fresh before the session. You are welcome to call us anytime with a question. During this phone consultation, we talk about all the aspects of your maternity photoshoot.
  • How do I book my session?
    You can book your session by calling us on or by sending a Whatsapp message to 9871119829. Please provide at least two date choices. Your booking is considered confirmed only once a non-refundable payment is received towards the session fees.
  • What if I am unable to make it to the session appointment?
    The session can be rescheduled at least five days in advance. In case of a medical emergency, a session can be postponed once. If you don't show up for your appointment or are over 1 hour late, your advance payment will be forfeited.
  • When will you deliver the photos?
    Your original unprocessed session photos are delivered to you by an email within one week of your session. From these original photos, you can shortlist the photos that you would like us to retouch and finalise. Once you inform us of your shortlisted photos that you would like us to retouch, we will take about 4-8 weeks from the date of your shortlisting to process your photos. Your final retouched, high resolution photos are delivered to you by email.
  • What is the quality of soft copy photos?
    The unprocessed digital photos are provided to you for the purpose of selection only and are low-resolution jpg files (1000 pixels on the long side) and have multiple watermarks across them saying, "anega bawa photography - for selection only". These are only accessible on our website to help you select your final photos and are not downloadable. The final retouched images provided to you are in high-resolution jpg files (2500 pixels on the long side with our signature watermark in the middle (not on the side). We don't recommend the printing of our photos outside our studio to maintain the quality of our art. You do have the option to purchase the final retouched photos without our signature watermark. There is no option to get unedited photos but you can order extra edited/retouched or colour-corrected photos. Please note that the photos printed by us will not have any logo or watermark.
  • Do you offer any printed products?
    Prints are not part of the package but we offer high quality prints, wall portraits and coffee table books. Please check these out in person when you are visiting for your session.
  • Do you share our photos on social media and other places?
    The short answer is - Yes, I do share the photographs from the sessions on my social media accounts, website, with newspapers, magazines, competitions etc. Here's the long answer: As a passionate artist, I try my very best to produce the most beautiful photos for you that will last you a lifetime. I really put my heart and soul into them. Sharing my work with the world helps me get motivated to keep going and produce even more beautiful body of work. Photography is a form of expression for me, so I need to share it. Imagine, you create something beautiful like a painting, only to be told that it can't be shared. Imagine, if Mona Lisa didn't want Leonardo-di-vinci to share her portrait with the world. So, I do share my body of work online and offline. I am time-sensitive towards certain subject, like pregnancy or birthday photos, for which if you request me, I will wait for the event to pass successfully before I share the photos.
  • What is the difference between unprocessed & edited/retouched photos?
    Unprocessed Photos: The unprocessed digital photos are shared online with you on our selection portal for the purpose of selecting your final photos are low-resolution jpg files (1000 pixels on long side) and have a watermark across them saying, 'for selection only - anega bawa photography". These are not downloadable and are only for selecting final photos. Edited/Retouched Photos: These are detailed hand edits that involve working for hours in photoshop. Editing/retouching happens on top of colour-corrected photos. Skin can be smoothened, blemishes are removed, body shape can be changed, backgrounds can be extended... if needed etc. The time and technique for editing/retouching classic, glamour & outdoor vary. Edited/retouched photos are high resolution with 2500 pixels on the long side with our single logo watermark in the middle of the photo. They will have a signature somewhere in the middle of the photo.
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